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What Our Customers Say

  • Carol Janac Burke Avatar
    Carol Janac Burke

    Yes would recommend NAS Cosmetics, iv just been introduced to this wonderful natural product and absolutely love it. Iv been using makeup since my teens and now in my 70’s and this is the best , easy to apply , lasting all day and night... read more -

    Canice Harridge Avatar
    Canice Harridge

    Love NAS Cosmetic Products ! Quick and easy to use, great coverage, natural and Aussie and lasts all day ! What more could a woman want. -

    Leisa Dunkerley Avatar
    Leisa Dunkerley

    Ebony 2 Ivory feels really lovely and light on your skin rather than heavy. It looks natural and gives great coverage. Thanks for your beautiful product 🙂 -

    Toni Bryant Avatar
    Toni Bryant

    fantastic organic products that are beautiful to wear. super friendly and personal care -

  • Angela Pickering Avatar
    Angela Pickering

    Fantastic make up, doesn’t have the heavy feel that the usual brand ones do, so you almost forget you are wearing it. Great range of products as well as foundation. Love my NAS!? -

    Deborah Courtney Avatar
    Deborah Courtney

    I love the whole range of NAS. I have tried every lipstick product under the sun and reacted to all bar one (which would be full of chemicals) yet I have tried 3 NAS lipsticks and no reaction to any of them. Woo Hoo!! -

    Simone Davies Avatar
    Simone Davies

    I love this make up! I will never wear anything else ever again. It stays on, feels good on the skin and has amazing colours! � -

    Liza Egan Avatar
    Liza Egan

    Jenn recently did my makeup for my wedding there myself and 4 bridesmaids we all have different skin types and can be sensitive in regards to makeup. NAS cosmetics just felt amazing,like we didn’t even have anything on, we wanted just a night natural look... read more -

  • Karin Foster Avatar
    Karin Foster

    Such a fun, interactive few hours spent learning about the make up and how to apply it and doing it with a group of top ladies. I was very hesitant about it, but I really enjoyed myself. More importantly, I am really loving the products.... read more -

    Joneen Fuller Avatar
    Joneen Fuller

    Fantastic products. Has really helped reduce the redness in my skin. Jen is super friendly and helpful. Thoroughly recommend!! -

    Heidi McDonald Avatar
    Heidi McDonald

    I don't often share pages, but I've been using these products for three years and wanted to spread some love.
    NAS Cosmetics ?

    So many of us gals use toxic makeup every day with little choice of replacing them with a safer option?

    NAS has been my...
    read more

    natalie stripp Avatar
    natalie stripp

    I love the light texture of the mineral powder on my face, it feels like I'm not wearing any makeup! Plus I don't get the headache feeling that my previous foundations used to give me. I can highly recommend these products to anyone who... read more -

  • Susan Davidson Avatar
    Susan Davidson

    Great products love the make up have been using for some years and have received comments on how nice it looks .. highly recommend ? -

    Tani Bloudell Avatar
    Tani Bloudell

    I love the NAS Cosmetic make up it is so light, and feels like I don't have make up on but gives me amazing coverage 🙂 -

    Jill Travers Avatar
    Jill Travers

    As a makeup artist that wears makeup everyday I love that I can get such a superior product like NAS thats no going to clog my skin. You don't even feel it on your skin. It's so light but with amazing coverage. -

    Sharee Campbell Avatar
    Sharee Campbell

    If you haven’t heard the story behind these amazing products, then you need to!This company actually took the time to ask us women what WE (most of the customers) really want in our ‘ideal’ makeup.Then they formulated around those criteria.To me that’s a great indication... read more -