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What Our Customers Say

  • Kate Alexa Avatar
    Kate Alexa

    I adore these products. Beautiful and they last all day! My favourites are the bronzer and the lipstick in rambutan colour. The products are the best ever and they are all I will consider using. I love that I can have a natural organic makeup... read more -

    Deborah Courtney Avatar
    Deborah Courtney

    I love the whole range of NAS. I have tried every lipstick product under the sun and reacted to all bar one (which would be full of chemicals) yet I have tried 3 NAS lipsticks and no reaction to any of them. Woo Hoo!! -

    Elise Worrell Avatar
    Elise Worrell

    Like most of us I've spent so much on different makeups only to be disappointed and looking for the bin It feels such a waste to yourself and harmful to the environment When I came to a workshop I kind of thought here we go... read more -

    Lesley Slattery Avatar
    Lesley Slattery

    Love the products. Natural, easy to apply and long lasting. Won't use anything else -

  • Liesl Addicoat Herbert Avatar
    Liesl Addicoat Herbert

    great cosmetics. ..thank you great presentation -

    Monika Ladar Avatar
    Monika Ladar

    Beautiful products, great service. Wouldnt use anything else for myself or my teenage daughter -

    natalie stripp Avatar
    natalie stripp

    I love the light texture of the mineral powder on my face, it feels like I'm not wearing any makeup! Plus I don't get the headache feeling that my previous foundations used to give me. I can highly recommend these products to anyone who... read more -

    Bec Sonson Avatar
    Bec Sonson

    One word... AMAZING!!! I hate wearing make up and I honestly cant feel this on my face! Cant wait to reapply! � -

  • Victoria Rose Avatar
    Victoria Rose

    THIS. So good I could almost lick the pot. ?But I won't because it's a NAS Pencil-in-a-Pot (Latte).Bought this little pot on 20 Nov 2017. Wore it almost every day since then. Here it is 13 June 2019 and I may finally have to declare... read more -

    Joneen Fuller Avatar
    Joneen Fuller

    Fantastic products. Has really helped reduce the redness in my skin. Jen is super friendly and helpful. Thoroughly recommend!! -

    Susan Davidson Avatar
    Susan Davidson

    Great products love the make up have been using for some years and have received comments on how nice it looks .. highly recommend ? -

    Debra Yuille Avatar
    Debra Yuille

    Natural, Australian, Safe, protection from Sun, look great, water resistant. What else can I say except I've been using NAS for maybe 3 years now. Love the product and the ethos of the company!! Highly Recommend!! -

  • Lorena Avatar

    Amazing colours and easy application. Best of all... the colour stays on all day. -

    Mineral Eye Shadow Image
    Mineral Eye Shadow
    Jenny Tekin Avatar
    Jenny Tekin

    Thank you NAS Cosmetics for my prize from the July eye challenge! I love the colours and knowing that the product is natural and safe for my skin. -

    Debra Yuille Avatar
    Debra Yuille

    Fabulous!! Great Products, look and feel good. Good for me (and you). Great individual consultation with Jenn to get the look that suits. Highly recommended! x -

    Lina Atkinson Avatar
    Lina Atkinson

    Finally I have found makeup that I actually WANT to wear everyday! I love how easy and quick it is to apply, how the colour is a perfect match for me, and how well it wears all day long. It gives me perfect coverage and... read more -