The NAS Point of Difference … we care!

from the formulator  ….  “a trillion-dollar industry thriving on deceiving it’s consumers, has a lot to answer for.  Ever wondered why your products don’t live up to their promises?  Why you always seem to be disappointed in their performance?  It’s all by design, to keep you spending … be damned if chemical & toxic ingredients slowly poison you along the way.   It’s time we get savvy ladies, things NEED to change!” 

Natural | Australian | Safe make-up, NAS Cosmetics is dedicated to help you reduce the amount of chemical & toxins absorbed through your skin on a daily basis by producing healthy, safe make-up products second to none!

NAS was created from a desire overcome product disappointment and empower you with products that are not only safe, but products that actually do what they say they will!  We went back to nature to protect and nurture, developing unique formulas and blends to create an incredible product that women love.

As an innovative Company, we took the time to ask women what they want and expect from their makeup.  Most importantly, we listened and formulated around these expectations.

NOT all natural or mineral cosmetics are created equal or SAFE….

Made in Australia, our luxurious formulations contain the finest ingredients sourced from all over the globe and with no nasties that harm our body, ensuring NAS Cosmetics mineral makeup products are second to none in performance and healthy skin management.  It’s these ingredients that make NAS Cosmetics unique and SAFE for YOU while allowing your skin to breathe, heal and function naturally!

NAS Cosmetics mineral makeup differs greatly to commercial makeup and not just because it is chemical free AND safe.  Our 100% pure luxurious mineral cosmetics reflect light – like millions of tiny diamond mirrors – to hide fine lines and discolorations. Unlike today’s commercial cosmetics, which coat the skin with a film, our mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe and function naturally.