e2i TEEN Brows


This versatile brow definer and eye-liner combo offers precision for a natural put-together look!

e2i TEEN Brrows formula glides on effortlessly, creating beautiful soft eye lining AND perfectly shaped brows without powder residue! With a soft defining finish, this amazing product is sweat resistant, water resistant, long lasting, and not to mention … the best product in the brow game!

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Colour Info

From Caramel to Expresso, e2i TEEN Brows has you covered!  What’s your clolour?

Caramel – With a hint of strawberry, Caramel is the lightest colour in the range, fabulous for blondes and strawberry blondes.
Latte – A neutral colour perfect for light complexions and brows.
Chocolate – a deeper colour with a hint of auburn to keep it warm.
Espresso – A deep brown colour ideal for darker hair colourings
Black – Ideal for Smokey Eye Eyeliner!


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Caramel, Latte, Chocolate, Espresso, Black


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