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Your face is the canvas and creating a flawless one is the first step to perfecting your make-up!
The Canvas packs create a canvas that really does last all day while allowing your skin to breathe, heal and function naturally and it won’t block pores or cause irritation. Our flawless coverage wears so light and natural that you will forget you actually have makeup on!
The pack consists of:
Natural Oil Primer: a unique blend of skin nutrition oils applied before the Foundation creates a ‘dewy’ finish and is ideal for ALL skin types (including oily ones!)
Kabuki Brush: this brush is crafted for mineral makeup application to assist with even coverage and ensuring that the minerals blend perfectly with your skin.
You simply won’t find a higher quality brush. Being triple-milled means that all the sharp edges on the bristles have been removed and it’s these sharp edges that can cause rashes and skin irritations and can leave micro scratches on the surface of your skin and noticeable fine lines in your make-up finish. This brush leaves you with a flawless finish and doesn’t malt it’s hairs either, showing the workmanship of a truly professional and beautifully crafted make-up tool.
Foundation: You will simply NOT get a better coverage than a NAS Cosmetics loose-powder Foundation! This 100% luxurious mineral foundation reflects light – like millions of tiny diamond mirrors – to hide fine lines and discolorations. The minerals have a wider colour tolerance than most makeup and your skin will be healthy and will appear radiant and glowing. Unlike traditional cosmetics, which coat the skin with a layer of film, our mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe and function naturally and stands up to heat & humidity throughout a performance!
Veil: ‘Camera-Ready’ and light as a feather, our Veil is the ultimate finishing touch!! Based on the old style setting powder, our Veil creates that ‘airbrushed’ finish and will keep your makeup fresh all day!
This ultra-silky, translucent powder will bring your face to life. Watch as your makeup blends and transforms, creating an ethereal soft focus, porcelain finish.
A light application to your face, neck and décolletage will set a flawless, long-lasting finish and remove any oily/shiny areas and diminish the appearance of pores or fine lines.
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