Business Kit

$1,664.00 $1,299.00

A great business kit to get you going with a bit of everything to showcase.
Our business kit is for make-up artists or beauticians or if you’d like to become
accredited in NAS Cosmetics then you will know how to apply our products correctly.
Conditions apply.

CLICK HERE to contact Jennifer for further information regarding the qualifications for this pack


Are you a makeup artist or beautician and would love the NAS Cosmetics Professional Kit.
Perhaps you’re someone who would like to learn how to apply the cosmetics and make-up and become accredited.

Save $365  Price $1,299

Qualifying Condition:
Please contact us at NAS Cosmetics for further information regarding the qualifications for this pack 

NAS Cosmetics Business Kit                       RRP

Primer                                                             $51.95
Oil Primer                                            
Mineral Primer                                    

Foundation                                                    $51.95
Aspen Mineral Foundation
Oak Mineral Foundation
Maple Mineral Foundation
Teak Mineral Foundation
Sapele Mineral Foundation

Concealer                                                       $49.95
Light Mineral Concealer
Medium Mineral Concealer
Dark Mineral Concealer

‘Camera-Ready’ Airbrush Veil                      $49.95
Camera-Ready Light Mineral Veil
Camera-Ready Medium Mineral Veil

Bronzer                                                           $49.95

Highlighter                                                     $49.95

Blush                                                              $49.95
Avana Mineral Blush
Aramon Mineral Blush
Servanin Mineral Blush

Light Shimmer Eye Shadow                         $29.95
Aubergine Mineral Eye Shadow
Coffee Bean Mineral Eye Shadow
Cranberry Mineral Eye Shadow
Foxglove Mineral Eye Shadow
Orchid Mineral Eye Shadow
Pink Lotus Mineral Eye Shadow

Raw Earth Matte Eye Shadow                      $29.95
Charcoal Matte Eye Shadow
Kelp Matte Eye Shadow
Cobalt Eye Shadow
Pencil-in-a-Pot Brow and Eye-liner              $34.95
Latte Pencil-in-a-Pot Brow and Eye-liner
Espresso Pencil-in-a-Pot Brow and Eye-liner
Black Pencil-in-a-Pot Brow and Eye-liner
Lipstick                                                          $29.95
Dragonfruit Lipstick
Papaya Lipstick

Kabuki Brush                                                   $39.95
Eye Shadow Brush                                          $29.95
Concealer Brush                                              $29.95
Highlighter Brush                                             $29.95
Blush Brush                                                     $29.95
PIP Brush                                           

2pc Fibre-Lash Mascara                               $54.95

Accessories                                                   $144.85
Beauty Case

Qualifying Condition:
CLICK HERE to contact Jennifer for further information regarding the qualifications for this pack


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