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NAS Workshop Facilitator


In 2020 now into 2021, the pandemic forced many people AND businesses to restructure their lives and look for new opportunities to support themselves and their loved ones.

Each Australian state chose to fight the pandemic by enforcing lockdowns and border closures. Here in QLD this autumn, the government shut down the entire state because JUST 3 people tested positive for covid.  Winter cometh. What will happen then?

No one really knows but now is the time to look at other ways to PROTECT yourself from lockdowns and closures.

Here is one of those ways and is well worth your time to investigate the possibilities. We’re ready for you.


This is NOT network marketing, MLM, a pyramid scheme or even a franchise.

AND … this is NOT a get rich quick scheme! You earn your income and set your income levels by how many hours you choose to work. 

The NAS Cosmetics Workshop Facilitator Program is an independent business model.

You do not need any qualifications and must be minimum 18 years of age.

But what you do need is PASSION:

Passion for natural, healthy makeup

  1. Passion to earn good money while helping others look good
  2. Passion to build a business with Australian made & owned products

The other good news? You do not need to carry stock, recruit your family and friends (or anybody) so you do not have to deal upline and downline issues. Phew! That’s a relief.


You are an Independent Business earning income by holding regular makeup workshops.

It can be a totally new business or added to an existing business eg. Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, etc.

If you add these workshops as a diversification to an existing business where you already have a CAPTIVE audience, this could result in a SUBSTANTIAL increase in your current monthly revenue.


Talking about increasing your current monthly revenue, holding just 7-21 hours of workshops means you may well be in a position to recoup the cost of your business investment.

We want to show you the money and the best way to do that is to have a chat with Jenn Hinds our Founder and Formulator. If you’ve heard enough already and want to take action now … CLICK This Link (link to Calendly) and schedule a chat. You’ll be glad you did.


Firstly, you should know NAS will NOT be sold into salon or retail outlets & existing stockists have been given notice – our Facilitators are our TOP PRIORITY.

Next, Upon payment and signing of the agreement and regardless of whether you’re new to the beauty industry or are a makeup artist, you’ll receive specific training and support on the NAS WAY:

Prior to training, you’ll receive product training videos and your full Workshop & Cosmetic Kit.

  1. Online or on-location 2-day training sessions, setting you up to run a successful business.
  2. Invitation to join the NAS Cosmetics’ private Facebook group for continuing camaraderie, training and support.
  3. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll be given PROVEN scripts and BEST PRACTISE for how to conduct the before & after workshop customer contact.
  4. Guidance on how to use social media to grow your business and customer database.


Does this business opportunity excite you … and scare you at the same time?

Good! Then let’s have a chat.

Schedule your 1-1 chat with Jenn Hinds to determine if we are a match and so you get to ask those many questions you must have by now. For instance, how will you earn a good income?

All this detail is explained and backed up with proven experience and strategies that work.

Join this new and exciting business opportunity ripe for growth in Australia right now because all products are AUSTRALIAN MADE and care for your HEALTH. It is our individual duty to protect our own innate immune system and share products that’ll support others to care for their’s as well.

Now that’s a winner! Yes?